Farmer’s fortunes improve after switch to durian clones

While growing up, Zain Maarof would watch his dad plant and collect ‘durian kampung’, the most widely recognized assortment of the King of Fruits, at their ranch in Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan.

At the point when his dad kicked the bucket, Zain chose to assume control over the homestead and sell durians as a side hustle.

In any case, he before long found that selling durian kampung was not worth the work. Durian kampung sells for around RM8 per kg while durian clones, like Musang King and Blackthorn, retail for around at minimum RM35 per kg.

The justification for the distinction in value, Zain says, is the nature of the organic product. However durian kampung trees require less support, the taste is unique and the organic product is of lower quality.”The Musang King has thicker tissue, is more fragrant and has better tone. The nature of durian kampung is rarely that reliable,” he said.

Zain, 57, who has been establishing more cloned durian trees lately, says ranchers ought to consider changing to clones to support their income assuming they have inactive land on their homesteads.

“I comprehend that it consumes a large chunk of the day – four to five years – for the durian trees to develop. In any event, changing over durian kampung trees to clones by stem joining is costly. Nonetheless, it is awesome over the long haul.”

He said he desires to trade his durian clones to nations like China.Abdul Rashid Bahri, agent head of activities of the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama) additionally asked more durian ranchers to develop durian clones.

He said Fama’s objective was to open more ranchers to expand their creation esteem by developing clones which are popular abroad, particularly in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Australia.

Abdul Rashid added that through Fama’s upskilling preparing program, ranchers would figure out how to change durian kampung homesteads to high-esteem durian clone ranches through stem joining, work on their abilities in crop the executives and post-reap dealing with just as ways of promoting their items.

“Durian clones can deliver natural product as ahead of schedule as three years through great administration and care. Through this upskilling program, ranchers can move to better quality items and can procure better returns,” he said.

He likewise said Fama would assist ranchers with giving strategic offices like trucks for product and proposition direct advertising administrations to assist with working on their deals.

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