Kelantan assembly sitting cut short after 2 reps test positive

The Kelantan state gathering sitting was suspended two days sooner than booked after two assemblymen tried positive for Covid-19.

Speaker Abdullah Ya’kub said the sitting was suspended today to keep the infection from spreading to other people.

“I needed to stop the gathering, which was planned to end on Dec 7.

“I was educated that two assemblymen for Tanjong Mas (Rohani Ibrahim) and Tendong (Mohd Rozi Muhamad) were Covid-19 positive.

“Thus, we needed to suspend the gathering sine bite the dust,” he told columnists after the state get together sitting at Kota Darulnaim here.

Abdullah said Kemuning assemblyman Mohd Roseli Ismail was likewise going through self-quarantine subsequent to being recognized as a nearby contact of his kid, who is Covid-19 positive.

Abdullah said the state Budget 2022 was passed without banter at the present sitting before it was dismissed.

“We finished the gathering in the wake of passing Budget 2022, which was postponed by Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob.

“As per Article 29 of the house standing requests, the speaker is enabled to suspend the gathering whenever,” he said.

Kelantan’s RM1.51 billion spending plan, themed “Kelantan Maju Rakyat Sejahtera”, depends on six key pushes: monetary change; driving the economy; schooling; religion; individuals’ prosperity; and social and government assistance assurance.

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